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Real Estate Advisory 

We advise you in all strategic issues in the lifecycle of a property: From development to execution and usage till exploitation. We know the real estate market and its potential, regional as well as international. We support you in tenancy, property and construction law, search for suitable funding and represent you as a building owner. Additionally, we also provide you with the following services:

  • Working out and implementing measures to reduce vacancy rate 
  • Planning and execution of renovations and refurbishments
  • Developing future scenarios 
  • Optimisation of corporate real estate portfolios 
  • Location search for companies (rent and buy) 
  • Advising in usage of IT and new technologies like VR and drones

Real Estate Asset Management

We provide you with a brief or a detailed analysis of your portfolio and work out property and location strategies. At the same time we identify opportunities and threats and reveal future potential, where you can increase income and reduce your costs. We examine any change of use and we identify unutilised reserves. In addition we can support you in project development and steering your portfolio in the long run. We also provide you with the following services: 

  • Defining investment strategy in consideration of the yield-risk profile 

  • Portfolio analysis and identification of hidden potential in order to maximise the yield and lower the risk

  • Benchmarking cost and earnings 

  • Appraisal of properties with DCF and hedonic appraisal method 

  • Steering single properties and portfolios and reporting with KPIs 

Real Estate Sale 

We sell your investment property or your real estate portfolio to the appropriate investor. You benefit from our versatile and widespread network. Your property won't be published online unless you request it. Key points of our service are the following:

  • Analysis of data and potential challenges with market data and local specialists
  • Property appraisal and determination of target sales price 
  • Conclusion of brokerage agreement  
  • Preparation of teasers and sales documentation
  • Contacting investors and starting negotiations 
  • Conclusion of transactions with the SPA signing
  • "After Sale" assistance

Real Estate Acquisition

You have discovered an interesting property resp. we have come across an attractive investment opportunity. We support you in buying the property or portfolio. Regarding our compensation we can agree to a fee by hour, contingency fee, lump sum or a combined model of the mentioned types. Key points of our service are the following: 

  • Analysis and appraisal of property and location 
  • Securing transaction 
  • Execution of due diligence
  • Clarification of open issues  
  • Leading negotiations
  • Obtaining different funding offers 
  • Conclusion with the SPA
  • Assistance after purchase and hand over to asset management 

Where we are active

In Switzerland…

As versatile as Switzerland is, just as versatile is the real estate market. Every region has its unique characteristics, its regulations and laws and also its own customs. We know them very well in both the German and French parts of Switzerland.

… and all over the world 

The international orientation of the Swiss economy has swiftly led us to engage in international business. Today we are globally as well as locally well connected. 

Latest projects 

Andermatt Swiss Alps


  • Brokerage buyers for the apartments in the Andermat Reuss ressort

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Fribourg, Route du Jura

Fribourg, Route du Jura

Commercial property

  • Steering development and conversion project
  • Steering retail and office space letting team  
  • Sale of the property after letting was completed 
Genf, Rue du Rhône

Geneva, Rue du Rhône

Commercial properties

  • Steering conversion and refurbishment project 
  • Steering letting team with local property management company and architects 
  • Support sales activities 

What can we do for you?

Geschäftsführer Vincent Balet und John-Patrick Ryter
Co-owners JP Ryter and V. Balet

In order to assess the added value in our business relationship we suggest getting together for a face-to-face discussion.