About us

Porträt Vincent Balet

Vincent Balet

Owner and CEO

Swiss Federal Diploma Real Estate-Fiduciary
35 years Portfolio Manager at Rentenanstalt (today Swiss Life) and UBS AG, Zurich

Regions: French and German part of Switzerland  
Languages: French and German
Interests: Sports in general, books, philosophy, nature, gardening and hiking

OUR Strengths

We build on our long-standing experience in real estate management in global and local real estate companies. You can count on our profound and expert knowledge in strategic and non-strategic issues in real estate.

  • Many years of real estate experience and expert knowledge of the sector
  • Comprehensive market knowledge and wide network in French and German parts of Switzerland
  • International network 
  • Multilingual (German, English, French, Russian) 
  • Personal consulting in a small and flexible company 
  • Individual and customer oriented solutions 
  • Access to a network of specialists in the area of real estate 


What can we do for you?

Geschäftsführer Vincent Balet und John-Patrick Ryter
Co-owners JP Ryter and V. Balet

In order to assess the added value in our business relationship we suggest getting together for a face-to-face discussion.