About us

Porträt Vincent Balet

Vincent Balet

Owner and CEO

Swiss Federal Diploma Real Estate-Fiduciary
35 years Portfolio Manager at Rentenanstalt (today Swiss Life) and UBS AG, Zurich

Regions: French and German part of Switzerland  
Languages: French and German
Interests: Sports in general, books, philosophy, nature, gardening and hiking

Porträt John Patrick Ryter

John-Patrick Ryter

Owner and CEO 

Master of advanced studies in Immobilienmanagement
IFZ, Zug
10 years Portfolio Manager at UBS AG, Zurich
13 years Project Manager and Property Manager at
Von Graffenried AG, Bern

Regions: German part of Switzerland and international markets
Languages : German, English
Interests: Sports in general, football, nature, woods and mountains, animals, travelling, music and culinary art

OUR Strengths

We build on our long-standing experience in real estate management in global and local real estate companies. You can count on our profound and expert knowledge in strategic and non-strategic issues in real estate.

  • Many years of real estate experience and expert knowledge of the sector
  • Comprehensive market knowledge and wide network in French and German parts of Switzerland
  • International network 
  • Multilingual (German, English, French, Russian) 
  • Personal consulting in a small and flexible company 
  • Individual and customer oriented solutions 
  • Access to a network of specialists in the area of real estate 


What can we do for you?

Geschäftsführer Vincent Balet und John-Patrick Ryter
Co-owners and Co-CEOs JP Ryter and V. Balet

In order to assess the added value in our business relationship we suggest getting together for a face-to-face discussion.